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Industrial Engineering
for more than 30 years, with focus and determination
we have projected with passion and followed throught to to end
the creation or modernization of :
  • conventional thermal power plants
  • hydronic and refrigeration plants
  • steam or superheated water thermal power plants
  • treatment systems for boiler water supply
  • process plants, line layouts, plant services
  • plants for the food industry and for the wine industry
  • HVAC systems
  • air conditioning and filtering, refrigerated storage and freezing storage
  • temperature and humidity control for plants when needed
  • systems for continuous filtration and recycle of ambient air, heat recovery units
  • piping e piping supports, piperacks
  • steel structures for system support
  • complex structures of wood, steel and concrete by italian norm NTC08
  • buildings or plants energy check up and modernization
  • automation, machinery, lifting and moving systems
  • stainless steel structures